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Product Categories - Hose and Fittings - 200 Series Hose


200 Series Hose

Goodridge 200 Series hose is the premier stainless steel braided nitrile hose. Designed to Goodridge's exacting specifications and exclusively manufactured for Goodridge, this hose has been supplied to motorsport racing champions for many years. 200 Series Hose is designed for use with a wide range of reusable aluminium hose and provides essential protection and resistance to high pressure, temperature, vibration, fire risk and chafing. It is constructed of a seamless synthetic CPE inner ith an integral stainless steel braid and high tensile stainless steel outer braid.

200 Series hose has the highest corrosion and fire resistance threshold of any stainless steel braided nitrile hose available. It can be used with all synthetic lubricants, fuels, oils, coolants and alcohols including menthol and nitromethane. This hose is perfectly manufactured for efficient and relaible use with 136,1136, 236, 336 and 2776 Series hose ends. The traditional racing hose.

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